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The Bag-in-Box (BIB) water cooler principal offers a number of advantages over typical bottled water coolers. With benefits to taste, cost, hygiene, more environmentally friendly than bottled water coolers, and efficiency of storage space, it's easy to see why this innovation is quickly gaining popularity and making waves in the water cooler industry.

Water is provided directly from vacuum sealed plastic bags which are packed inside cardboard boxes (available in either 10 or 15 litre capacities) and chilled inside the cooler by the refrigeration unit. The packaging is fully recyclable, and as the taps are incorporated in to the boxes, time spent cleaning and maintaining water coolers is eradicated.

Thanks to the shape of the boxes they can be easily stacked and stored inside the water coolers themselves. The stored boxes can also be pre-chilled (model specific feature), allowing cooled water to be dispensed instantly following the replacement of an empty container.

Taste and Hygiene Advantages

Water Cooler Water Smile
  • Water goes straight from the bag to the cup without contacting the water cooler unit or any other parts.
  • Taps are replaced with new water bags, removing the largest source of water cooler contamination.
  • Water is not exposed to any air or light, so there is minimal chance for bacterial or algal growth within the water cooler.
  • Water remains clean and fresh throughout the life of each bag - no air can mix with the water thanks to the vacuum seal and one-way tap valve.

Economical and Environmental Advantages

Water Cooler Water Planet
  • 100% recyclable plastic and cardboard packaging.
  • Water boxes take up 33% less space than standard bottles and gallon containers.
  • Water boxes can be stacked, resulting in considerable CO2 footprint reductions during distribution.
  • No need for any maintenance or for empties to be picked up, providing further CO2 reductions.

Cost Advantages

  • No need for time or money to be spent on cleaning products or water cooler maintenance; this can provide significant long term savings.
  • Minimal storage space requirements and stackable containers mean substantial savings can be gained through reduced delivery costs.


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Aqueduct Harrogate Bag In Box (BIB) Water Boxes 10 Litre
Aqueduct Harrogate Spring Water (BIB) Water Boxes 10 Litre

Harrogate spring water refills for the Aqueduct range of bag-in-box (BIB) water cooler range. Boxes of water are shipped in minimum orders of 4 slabs (12 x 10 litre BIB boxes). Each slab includes 3 x BIB 10 litre boxes of water. Full pallets of water..


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