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Our top-end PPE vending machines are well developed and highly versatile, and are currently utilised by some of the biggest companies operating in the UK. Not only do our machines offer full telemetry and audit facilities, they also integrate completely with almost any existing card system, maximising system convenience and ease of integration.

This means any business can confidently adopt the vending system, assured that it will work with the current infrastructure of the company, and not require any new systems, or the reissue or reimplementation of any existing systems.

These top-end PPE vending machines can even be extended to work with various biometric systems including wristbands and biometric readers, providing convenient, hands-free operation, again bypassing the need for any additional cards.

Of course, if any identification devices are lost, they can be instantly removed from the system by deactivating them from the managers' workstation, eliminating the chance for them to be subsequently used for unauthorised vending.

PPE Vending Machine

This system means only authorised users can dispense PPE from the machines, and at the same time a constant audit trail is left behind and automatically recorded. This allows managers to know the whereabouts and quantity of the PPE at all times, also enabling them to prepare efficiently for the procurement of new stock.

For times when contractors are on site and require the use of the company's protective equipment, a charge can be logged against the transaction so the PPE usage can be monitored and later billed to the contractor company. Furthermore, the software used to control and manage the system is Microsoft® Windows based, and is connected to the vending machines via a standard LAN interface. This provides very high levels of compatibility with the vast majority of computers and networks currently used in workplaces all over the world.

Benefits of our PPE vending machines at a glance:

PPE Vending Person
  • Automatically monitors PPE stock levels and item usage
  • Significantly reduces the risk of unaccountable equipment - potentially saving massive costs
  • Enables employers to effectively demonstrate they are meeting health and safety obligations to staff by providing easy access to PPE
  • Integrates directly with almost any existing card identification systems
  • Optional biometric contactless capabilities
  • Machines can be situated in workshops or close to point of use
  • Continual, 24/7 access to PPE for workers - no staff required
  • Contractors can be restricted from or accurately billed for PPE usage
  • Microsoft® Windows based software
  • Accurate stock control
  • Re-stock effectively thanks to remote monitoring
  • Comprehensive audit reports providing detailed information relating to time, location, staff, contractors and equipment used

If you would like more information on our PPE vending machines, please send us an email with your specific requirements and we'll ensure this is passed to the correct member of the team for follow up.

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